Our Mission

FUN. Safe. Motivation. Sweat. Endorphins. RESULTS!


Sweat and Gears - Who We Are

Sweat and Gears is a dedicated indoor cycling studio unlike anything you have ever experienced!  We have assembled the best instructors, equipment and technology available to help you reach your fitness goals.   If you aim at nothing, you will hit it!  Our performance metric tools will put you on target with valuable feedback each ride plus a history of all of your workouts.  You can even "virtual" race others in your class if you are the competitive type or just need a little extra motivation!  Opt out of the 'race' and no one will see your numbers but you.  Monitor your progress, increase your confidence, build a fitter body, get race ready or lose weight.  For a limited time we are offering the first three classes for FREE so that you can see for yourself how Sweat and Gears has taken indoor cycling to the next level!